China best Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chain From China Supplier

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Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chain From China Supplier
1.80Grade, High intensity chain, breaking load>8)

2. TOP5 lifting equipment supplier in China;

3. One of the first batch of enterprises certified by Alibaba;

4. Brand customers: CNPC, China Railway Group and so on



1. Focuse on the production and R&D of lifting equipment for about 30 years;

2. Professional independent research and development team, recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

3. Company was honored by the givernment as a High-Tech enterprise in 2571


Service Advantage

1. 7D*24H after-sales service,

2. More than 100 professional service staff.


The products of our company have exported to over 80 countries and regions,including EUROPE,USA,AUSTRALIA and SOUTHEAST ASIA,etc.



1. Certificate:CE,SGS,ISO:9001,BV

2. The third-party inspection for quality testing is accepted

3. Product qualification rate more than 98%

4. In accordance with the requirements of Environmental Protection Administration,

    the quality and delivery can be guaranteed



Usage: Drag Chain
Material: Alloy
Surface Treatment: Oxygenation
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*3/32"
Structure: Welded Chain


Customized Request

Can steel chains be used in material handling and conveyor systems?

Yes, steel chains are widely used in material handling and conveyor systems across various industries. Their strength, durability, and versatility make them an ideal choice for efficiently moving heavy loads and bulk materials in industrial settings.

Material Handling: Steel chains are commonly employed in material handling applications such as lifting, pulling, and securing heavy objects. They are used in cranes, hoists, forklifts, and other equipment to handle materials in construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and ports.

Conveyor Systems: Steel chains are a fundamental component of conveyor systems, which are extensively utilized in industries for transporting goods and materials from one location to another. Conveyor chains are commonly found in mining operations, food processing plants, automotive assembly lines, bottling and packaging facilities, and many other industrial environments.

Advantages in Material Handling and Conveyor Systems:

1. High Load Capacity: Steel chains are designed to handle heavy loads and can withstand the stress of continuous material handling operations.

2. Wear Resistance: Steel chains are constructed from alloy steel with excellent wear resistance, ensuring a longer service life even in harsh operating conditions.

3. Flexibility: Steel chains can adapt to various material shapes and sizes, making them suitable for diverse material handling applications.

4. Reliability: The robust and sturdy nature of steel chains provides reliability and reduces the risk of breakdowns or interruptions in material flow.

5. Customizability: Steel chains come in various configurations, allowing for customization to meet specific material handling requirements.

6. Easy Maintenance: Proper lubrication and regular maintenance can keep steel chains operating smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime.

Overall, steel chains are a trusted solution for material handling and conveyor systems due to their strength, durability, and ability to handle the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. When properly selected, installed, and maintained, steel chains significantly contribute to the smooth and efficient movement of materials in a wide range of industries.

China best Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chain From China Supplier  China best Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chain From China Supplier
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