Tg Oil Seal Tc Oil Seal Tb Oil Seal

Tg Oil Seal   Tc Oil Seal  Tb Oil Seal

kind:Kind: TA, TB, TC, TG
     SA, SB, SC, SZ
     KA, KB,KC, KZ
      VA,VB,VC, VZ
material: largely NBR, FKM
custom made-created is welcome
The below is some specification and wholesale prices of TC oil seal:

  USD/100pcs     USD/100pcs     USD/100pcs     USD/100pcs
spec. price tag   spec. value   spec. price   spec. cost
eight*22*7 seven.seventy seven   fifteen*30*10 8.73   19*32*7 9.seventy one   22*35*10 ten.sixty eight
8*22*eight 7.77   15*32*seven 8.seventy three   19*35*ten ten.sixty eight   22*38*eight eleven.sixty five
ten*17*5 7.seventy seven   fifteen*35*7 10.68   19*forty*10 eleven.65   22*38*10 eleven.sixty five
ten*18*7 7.seventy seven   fifteen*35*10 ten.sixty eight   20*27*5 eight.seventy three   22*forty*seven eleven.65
10*20*5 7.seventy seven   15*40*ten 12.62   twenty*28*five 8.73   22*40*eight 11.65
10*22*8 seven.77   15*42*7 twelve.sixty two   twenty*thirty*5 eight.seventy three   22*forty*ten 11.sixty five
ten*25*8 7.seventy seven   16*28*seven eight.seventy three   twenty*30*7 eight.73   22*42*seven eleven.sixty five
10*twenty five*ten 7.77   16*30*7 eight.seventy three   twenty*thirty*ten 8.73   22*forty two*ten eleven.sixty five
ten*26*seven 7.seventy seven   16*30*eight eight.73   twenty*32*5 eight.73   22*forty five*seven thirteen.fifty nine
twelve*22*five seven.seventy seven   sixteen*thirty*10 eight.seventy three   twenty*32*7 8.73   22*forty five*8 13.59
12*22*7 7.seventy seven   sixteen*32*seven 9.seventy one   twenty*34*7 10.68   22*45*10 thirteen.fifty nine
twelve*22*8 7.77   sixteen*35*seven 10.sixty eight   20*35*5 ten.sixty eight   22*forty seven*7 thirteen.59
12*24*7 seven.77   16*35*ten 10.68   twenty*35*7 ten.sixty eight   22*forty seven*10 thirteen.fifty nine
twelve*twenty five*eight 7.seventy seven   sixteen*forty*10 twelve.62   twenty*35*eight 10.sixty eight   22*forty eight*7 13.59
12*25*ten 7.seventy seven   seventeen*thirty*5 eight.73   20*35*10 ten.sixty eight   22*forty eight*ten 13.59
12*26*seven 7.seventy seven   17*thirty*7 8.seventy three   20*38*8 eleven.sixty five   22*fifty*ten thirteen.59
twelve*28*seven 8.73   seventeen*30*8 eight.73   twenty*36*10 11.sixty five   22*fifty two*ten fourteen.56
12*thirty*seven eight.seventy three   17*30*10 eight.73   twenty*forty*five eleven.65   23*forty seven*7 13.fifty nine
twelve*32*5 nine.71   seventeen*32*5 9.71   twenty*40*seven 11.65   23*forty seven*ten thirteen.fifty nine
12*32*seven nine.seventy one   17*32*7 9.71   twenty*40*8 11.65   24*forty*10 eleven.sixty five
12*32*ten 9.seventy one   seventeen*35*seven 10.68   twenty*40*ten eleven.sixty five   24*42*7 eleven.65
14*22*5 7.77   seventeen*35*eight 10.sixty eight   twenty*42*five 11.sixty five   24*forty two*10 11.65
14*24*7 seven.seventy seven   seventeen*35*10 10.sixty eight   twenty*forty two*7 11.65   24*47*7 fifteen.fifty three
14*25*7 seven.seventy seven   seventeen*40*7 eleven.sixty five   twenty*forty two*eight eleven.65   24*47*ten 15.53
14*27*seven 8.seventy three   17*forty*eight eleven.sixty five   twenty*forty two*ten 11.sixty five   25*33*7 10.68
fourteen*28*5 eight.seventy three   17*forty*10 eleven.sixty five   20*forty five*eight 13.fifty nine   twenty five*34*seven 10.68
14*28*7 8.73   eighteen*thirty*7 eight.seventy three   twenty*45*10 thirteen.59   twenty five*35*7 10.68
fourteen*28*8 eight.73   eighteen*30*8 eight.73   20*forty seven*7 13.59   twenty five*35*10 10.sixty eight
fourteen*30*7 eight.seventy three   18*30*ten eight.seventy three   twenty*47*8 13.fifty nine   25*37*seven 11.65
14*thirty*ten eight.seventy three   18*35*five nine.71   20*47*ten 13.59   25*38*7 eleven.65
14*35*eight 10.sixty seven   18*35*8 10.68   twenty*50*eight 14.fifty six   twenty five*38*eight 11.sixty five
14*35*10 ten.67   18*35*ten ten.sixty eight   20*fifty*10 14.56   25*38*ten eleven.sixty five
fifteen*twenty five*five 7.seventy seven   eighteen*40*8 11.65   20*52*7 14.fifty six   twenty five*40*5 11.65
15*twenty five*seven seven.seventy seven   18*40*ten 11.65   20*52*8 14.56   twenty five*40*seven 11.65
15*26*7 seven.seventy seven   18*forty five*ten thirteen.59   twenty*52*10 fourteen.56   25*40*8 eleven.sixty five
fifteen*thirty*7 eight.73   19*thirty*seven 8.73   22*32*seven ten.68   twenty five*forty*ten 11.sixty five
15*30*8 8.73   19*30*ten 8.73   22*35*seven ten.sixty eight   twenty five*forty two*7 eleven.sixty five

Mold  We can make mold by ourselves with competitive price,
And if the quantity is up to 1000 pcs, the mold is for free.
And more, for various oil seal, we have more than 10,000 molds in stock.
Size range From 10mm to 2000mm Diameter
Weight range of products 5g to 20kg
Colors CZPT  Purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, purple, brown, milk color
processing equipment Rubber molding machines, rubber injection machines, extruding machines.

1. Natural rubber NR
(All-natural Rubber) produced from rubber tree latex collection is isoprene. It has good abrasion resistance, higher elasticity, tensile energy and elongation. Straightforward to ageing in the air, when heated, gets to be sticky, simple growth and dissolved in mineral oil or gasoline, acid and alkali but impatience. is the production of belts, hoses, rubber raw components, and for the manufacturing of shock absorber parts, utilised in the liquid with a hydroxyl automotive brake oil, ethanol and other items.
two. SBR S B R
(Styrene Butadiene Copolyme) copolymer of butadiene and styrene, compared with organic rubber, uniform good quality, significantly less foreign entire body, but the mechanical power is weak, can be blended with normal rubber use. Advantages: lower-expense non-oil-resistant materials excellent drinking water resistance, hardness of 70 or significantly less with good elasticity Large hardness with very poor compression distortion You can use most of the neutral and dry chemical compounds, nourishing qualities Ketone shortcomings: Do not advise the use of sturdy acids, ozone, oils, fats and oil esters and most of the hydrocarbons currently being. broadly utilized in the tire industry, footwear,? Fabric market and conveyor industries.
3. Butyl rubber IIR
(Butyl Rubber) polymerization of isobutylene with a small quantity isoprenes, keep a tiny volume of non-saturated base for cooperation with sulfur, steric hindrance owing to the methyl team of molecules less motion than other polymers, so considerably less gas permeation resistance, heat, daylight, ozone resistance huge, excellent electrical insulation polar solvents this kind of as alcohols, ketones, esters and other resistance large, the common temperature variety of -fifty four ~ 110 ºC. Positive aspects: For most basic fuel impermeability with daylight and with very good resistance to ozone may be uncovered to animal or vegetable oils or substances in the oxidizable shortcomings: Do not build justice and petroleum solvents, glue kerosene and aromatic hydrogen concurrently. for the creation of chemical resistance, vacuum gear rubber areas.
The hydrogenated nitrile rubber HNBR
(Hydrogenate Nitrile) hydrogenated nitrile rubber of NBR rubber in component by the elimination of the double-stranded right after hydrogenation, following hydrogenation of its warmth resistance, weather conditions resistance than NBR to boost a great deal, oil and general NBR rubber equivalent. CZPT temperature variety of -25 ~ one hundred fifty ºC. Advantages: reasonably NBR rubber has resist tensile, tear and compression distortion qualities with much better abrasion resistance Exceptional In ozone, daylight and other atmospheric conditions with great resistance CZPT cleaners disadvantage is suitable for laundry or dishwashing: Do not advised for use in alcohols, esters, or fragrant answer into. air conditioning and refrigeration industry, commonly employed in environmentally helpful refrigerant R134a technique seals. car motor method seals.
five. The ethylene-propylene rubber EPDM
(Ethylene propylene Rubber) by the polymerization of ethylene and propylene copolymer backbone substandard duplexes, so warmth resistance, growing older resistance, ozone resistance, steadiness are extremely very good, but can not sulfur and sulfur. To fix this dilemma, the EP major chain into a modest quantity of a 3rd element of double-stranded and can be sulfur and sulfur Serve EPDM, the common temperature assortment of -50 ~ a hundred and fifty ºC. Polar solvents these kinds of as alcohols, ketones, glycol lipids, and phosphorylation superb hydraulic fluid resistance. Positive aspects: With very good weather resistance and anti-ozone resistance has excellent resistance to water and its resistance to substances Use of alcohols and ketones High temperature steam, with great gasoline impermeability shortcomings: Do not recommended for foodstuff use or getting uncovered to aromatic hydrogen. High temperature seal steam Atmosphere. sanitary tools seals or areas. Brake (Brake) method rubber elements. Radiator (Radiator) of seals.
6. NBR rubber NBR
(Nitrile Rubber) from the acrylonitrile and butadiene polymerization, acrylonitrile articles from 18% to fifty% higher acrylonitrile material, resistance to petrochemical oil hydrocarbon gas the greater, but the reduced temperature overall performance even worse, the general temperature selection of -25 ~ a hundred ºC. NBR rubber is currently one particular of the most frequently employed rubber seals and O-rings. Advantages: with good resistance to oil, resistant to water, solvents and anti-substantial-force oil qualities. With excellent compression distortion, dress in and elongation power. Disadvantage: Do not suitable for polar solvents getting, this sort of as ketones, ozone, nitro hydrocarbons, MEK and chloroform. for the generation of the fuel tank, oil tank and oil-based hydraulic oil, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone, diester-dependent lubricants, hydraulic oil, glycol-based fluid medium utilized rubber parts, specially the sealing parts . It can be explained is the most commonly utilized and lowest cost rubber seal.
seven. neoprene CR
(Neoprene, Polychloroprene) polymerized from chlorine butene monomers. Vulcanized rubber elastic excellent wear resistance, are not concerned of direct publicity to the sunshine, there are specifically very good resistance to atmospheric ageing homes, are not concerned of the intense twist, is not scared of dichlorodifluoromethane and ammonia refrigerant, resistant to acid, resistance silicon ester lubricants, but the impatience of phosphate-based mostly hydraulic oil. Simple to crystallize at low temperatures, hardening, very poor storage steadiness, large growth in reduced aniline level mineral oil. CZPT temperature variety of -50 ~ one hundred fifty ºC Benefits: good elasticity and a excellent compression set. the recipe does not include sulfur, so it is easy to make Resistant to animal and vegetable characteristics will not neutral chemicals, fatty, body fat, a selection of oils, solvents and have an effect on the physical houses of a flame-retardant houses drawback: We do not advocate the use of a sturdy acid, nitro hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, chloroform and substances getting. resistant seal R12 refrigerant. rubber elements or seals on appliances. suited for the manufacturing of direct contact with the environment, sunlight, ozone parts. Suitable for all types of hearth, chemical resistant rubber goods.
eight. CSM CSM rubber
(Hypalon, Polyethylene) chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber DuPont patents. Warmth resistance, weather conditions resistance, ozone resistance are excellent also good acid resistance, oxidation resistance typically utilised in medicines (nitric acid, sulfuric acid) of the Office, the standard temperature assortment of -45 ~ a hundred and twenty ºC. Benefits: ozone, oxidation and flame resistant have very good physical houses and neoprene related and have far better acid resistance Excellent abrasion resistance NBR rubber and has the same low friction floor For Oil and a solvent resistance between NBR rubber and neoprene It is advisable to use the h2o to avoid leakage shortcomings: Do not suggest publicity to concentrated oxidizing acids, nitro hydrocarbons, esters, ketones and fragrant hydrogen .
9. The silicone rubber SI
(Silicone Rubber) silicone principal chain composed of silicon (-si-o-si) from binding. It has exceptional warmth resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance to atmospheric aging. It has great electrical insulation homes. Tensile strength than normal rubber inadequate and not getting oil resistance. Rewards: Right after modulation method tensile energy up to 1500PSI and tear resistance up 88LBS very good versatility and very good compression distortion neutral solvent has excellent resistance with exceptional heat resistance device excellent chilly resistance For ozone and oxides of erosion has excellent resistance Outstanding electrical insulation houses insulation, heat dissipation. Disadvantages: Do not recommended for use in most concentrated solvents, oils , concentrated acid and sodium hydroxide following currently being diluted. family appliances industry used seal or rubber elements, these kinds of as electrical kettle, electric powered iron, rubber areas within the microwave oven. electronics sector seals or rubber components, such as the mobile phone keypad, DVD within the cushion, the cable seal joints within the like. with the human entire body in speak to with a seal on all kinds of merchandise, such as water bottles, drinking fountains.
ten. The silicon fluorine rubber FLS
(Fluorinated Silicone Rubber) Silicone Viton fluorinated silicone rubber, its common overall performance and the positive aspects of possessing a fluorine rubber and silicone rubber its oil, solvent, gasoline resistance and resistance to higher temperature resistance are great, the standard temperature It is -50 ~ 200 ºC. Rewards: for a certain purpose, such as requiring oxygen resistant to chemical erosion solvent hydrogen-containing aromatic solvents and chlorine. Disadvantage: Do not suggest publicity to brake fluid, ketones and corpus was on space elements.
eleven. Viton FPM
In (Fluoro Carbon Rubber) of molecular fluorine rubber, in accordance to the fluorine material (ie monomeric developing) and there are various sorts. Six lines of fluorinated FKM at present the most widely utilised first by the DuPont Business to “Viton” tradename outlined. Higher temperature resistance than silicone rubber, has excellent chemical resistance, resistance to most oils and solvents (ketones, esters excluded), weather resistance and ozone resistance chilly is fairly inadequate, the basic temperature selection of -20 ~ 250 ºC. Specially formulated reduced temperature resistant to -40 ºC. Advantages: can warmth to 250 ºC For most of the oil and solvent have the capacity to resist, especially all the acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and animal and vegetable oils shortcomings: Do not advisable for use in ketones, low molecular weight esters and containing nitrate mixture. vehicles, motorcycles, diesel engines and fuel techniques. Chemical seals.
12. perfluororubber FFPM
(Perfluoroelastomer) Positive aspects: optimum heat resistance excellent chemical qualities Minimal Outgassing qualities Outstanding anti Plasma qualities of shortcomings: inadequate minimal temperature houses increased rates of raw supplies generation of high problems perfluorinated goods widely utilized in the semiconductor industry and connected industries in the use of info, the use selection includes film production process of PVC, CVD and etching processes and a assortment of large vacuum sealing approach.
13. acrylate rubber ACM
(Polyacrylate Rubber) dominated by Alkyl Ester Acrylate polymerization of the elastomer composition, resistance to petrochemical oils, higher temperature, climate resistance are great in mechanical strength, compression set and h2o resistance is less than the average oil plastic a bit variation. CZPT temperature range of -25 ~ a hundred and seventy ºC. Advantages: appropriate for automotive transmission oil between with excellent resistance to oxidation and temperature resistance Resistant to bending variant capabilities for oil has excellent resistance ideal for automotive transmission and power steering Amongst the shortcomings: Not for very hot drinking water amid Not for brake fluid Among non-temperature-resistant attribute is not CZPT for phosphate between vehicle transmission and powertrain seals.
fourteen. Polyurethane PU
(Urethane Rubber) Polyurethane really excellent mechanical houses, large hardness, higher elasticity, abrasion resistance are challenging in contrast to other rubber class resistance to getting older, ozone resistance, oil resistance is also very excellent. CZPT temperature range of -forty five ~ ninety ºC. Positive aspects: abrasion resistance, higher pressure shortcomings: Do not heat substantial pressure resistance, dress in-resistant seals, this kind of as hydraulic cylinder seals industry. substantial force and higher charge system

Tg Oil Seal   Tc Oil Seal  Tb Oil Seal


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