China factory Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain

Product Description

Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains

A. Our Services:

1. Any of your kind inquiry about chain would be replied within 24 hours.
2. Well-trained and experienced sales staffs will reply all your concerns in fluent English.
3. OEM services are available with us, our professional designer would make your private idea into being.

4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.
5. Delivery by air mail or ship for your orders.
6. With years of manufacture and promotion experience in global market, brings you profit and great success!

B.Product Description:

Style: Simplex Roller Chains, Duplex Roller Chains, Triplex Roller Chains, Multiple Roller Chains
Chain No.: (ANSI/ISO) 03C, 04C, 06C, 08A, 10A, 12A-~ 48A
Chain No.: ( ANSI ) 15, 25,35,41,40,50 ~ 240
Pitch:  4.7625 mm ~ 76.200 mm

C.Company show & Product Process

D. Packaging & Certificate

Packaging Details: Chain+Plastic Bag+Neutral Box+Wooden case+Big Carton+Steel Pallets
Delivery Detail: five weeks


1. Are you manufacturer or trade Company?
We are a factory founded in 1991 with trade team for international service.


2. What terms of payment you usually use?
T/T 30% deposit and 70% against document, Western Union, L/C at sight


3. what is your lead time for your goods?
Normally 45 days after confirmed order. 30 days could be available in low season for some items (during May to July), and 65 days during new year and hot season ( Jan to March).


4. Do you attend any Show?
We attend Hannover show in Germany, NMW in Austrilia, Canton fair, PTC, in China and many other special furniture shows.


5. Do you have any instant chat ?

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Usage: Conveyor Chain
Material: Alloy/Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Electroplating
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: 1/2"*11/128"
Structure: Roller Chain


Customized Request

What is a steel chain and how is it used in various applications?

A steel chain is a type of mechanical chain made from steel, which is a strong and durable material. Steel chains are widely used in various industrial applications due to their high strength, excellent wear resistance, and ability to handle heavy loads. They consist of a series of interconnected links that can be of different shapes and sizes depending on the specific application.

Here are some common applications of steel chains:

  • Conveying and Material Handling: Steel chains are used in conveyor systems to move and transport materials in industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. They are capable of handling bulk materials, containers, and heavy objects.
  • Lifting and Hoisting: In lifting and hoisting applications, steel chains are employed in chain blocks, chain hoists, and other lifting devices to raise and lower loads vertically.
  • Power Transmission: Steel chains are used in power transmission systems, such as in bicycles and motorcycles, to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Steel chains are utilized in agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters and tractors, for tasks like driving wheels, powering conveyor belts, and operating agricultural implements.
  • Automotive and Engineering: Steel chains are found in automobile engines, where they are used in timing belts and timing chains to synchronize the movement of engine components.
  • Marine and Offshore: Steel chains are used in marine and offshore environments for mooring ships, anchoring offshore platforms, and other marine applications.
  • Construction and Rigging: In construction, steel chains are employed for rigging purposes, such as securing loads and supporting structures.

Steel chains come in various configurations, including roller chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, and welded steel chains, among others. The choice of the right type and size of steel chain depends on factors such as the application’s load requirements, operating conditions, environmental factors, and maintenance considerations. Properly selected and maintained steel chains ensure the safe and efficient operation of various industrial processes and equipment.

China factory Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain  China factory Short Pitch Precision stainless steel hardware Transmission Motorcycle Industrial Roller Chain
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